60+ LinkedIn Groups You Can Join to Make More Real Estate Money

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More than 60 active LinkedIn Real Estate Groups you can join
to learn and earn more in all aspects of real estate today

LinkedIn (linked.com) calls itself “the world’s largest professional network.” Three hundred million have joined, and millions of them are buying, selling, investing, or otherwise dealing in, real estate. Why not join them? It won’t cost you anything.

IT NEVER HURTS TO KNOW MORE ABOUT REAL ESTATE. Take a look at the 60+ LinkedIn real estate groups below. Most of us could learn something new about real estate from each of them.

THE GROUPS ARE FREE TO JOIN. Free membership in a LinkedIn real estate group gives you access to:

  • social media networking for real estate
  • connecting to peers, members, businesses, services, lenders,
    brokers, builders, owners, mentors …
  • leads to discovering new real estate deals
  • online discussions–valuable news, tips, techniques, etc.
  • useful resources–how-to’s, reports, reviews, articles, cheat sheets, books
  • employment information

THE SOCIAL BENEFITS OF JOINING LINKEDIN GROUPS go beyond what you can find on LinkedIn alone. From your LinkedIn account, you can continue to grow your new real estate network connections. Just link your LinkedIn account to your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or other social media accounts. On each of these platforms, you’ll find additional groups of like-minded real estate people and groups you can join. This way you can multiply your valuable real estate connections broadly and rapidly. (It’s up to you to decide whether to use a business account or personal account.)

CHECK OUT EACH GROUP AND SEE IF IT’S RIGHT FOR YOU. Click on the group’s name to visit their web pages on LinkedIn.

To Join a group on LinkedIn, click the yellow “Join” button on the group’s page. Your request will be reviewed by the group manager and you’ll be notified of your membership, usually in 24 hours of less.

Meanwhile you can read about the group and many other things right on it’s LinkedIn page. Below, you’ll see how active each group is (# of discussion) and how many members they have (# of members). These figures are from 2014.

If you have questions, contact the group from their LinkedIn page. For general questions about real estate, email admin@iwsmoney.com or visit International Wealth Success.

The author and publisher are registered LinkedIn members but are not otherwise affiliated with LinkedIn.




The Real Estate Networking Group

Global networking group on LinkedIn for those dealing with commercial or residential real estate. Including acquisitions, distressed notes, REO, construction, design, green development, asset management, architecture, jobs, mortgage brokerage, finance/banking, workouts, mezzanine, syndications, fund management, law, etc. Due to our large size we’re a great resource, so if you’re working with real estate feel free to join us!

Very Active 4,198 discussions this month
422,908 members

Commercial Real Estate Investment, Development, and Property Management

[Subgroup of The Real Estate Networking Group]

A commercial real estate group, for those structuring or negotiating developments, investments, workouts, note purchases, etc. For apartment or condo projects, hotel, resort, self storage, office/industrial, homebuilding, mobile home parks, etc.

10 discussions this month
93,882 members

Distressed Real Estate Investment

[Subgroup of The Real Estate Networking Group]

For those acquiring or restructuring distressed commercial or residential real estate, or notes. Including workout bankers, brokers, investors, lenders, receivers, debt/REO purchasers, bankruptcy attorneys, buyers and sellers of troubled mortgages, property, FDIC pools, loans from banks, etc.

Very Active 893 discussions this month
99,547 members

Real Estate Connect

The purpose of this group is to promote greater networking within the Real Estate industry. Our hopes are that you can use this group as a tool to expand and grow your sphere of contacts.

Very Active 497 discussions this month
67,246 members

Residential Real Estate Finance and Investor

[Subgroup of The Real Estate Networking Group]

A residential real estate group, for investors, sellers, buyers, realtors and other agents, anyone working on forclosures, short sales, REO property, note purchases, etc. For condominium, single-family and multifamily properties (including condo projects), land, lofts, townhomes, etc.

Very Active 586 discussions this month
64,517 members

Real Estate Investor

According to REI Group members, Real Estate Investor Group is the most interactive Real Estate Investment centric community on LinkedIn. Expect to connect with real estate investment professionals who specialize in both the commercial and residential real estate sector.

Join the Real Estate Investor community family:

• Hard Money Loans, Private Money, Bridge Loans

• Commercial Real Estate and Multifamily Investment

• Commercial and Residential Property Listings

• Hotel and Hospitality Investment Group

• Landlords and Property Managers

• Real Estate Brokers and Agents

• Rehab and Renovation Projects

• Real Estate Funding Sources

• Texas Real Estate Investors

• Wholesaling Real Estate 

Very Active 1,636 discussions this month
54,489 members

Luxury Real Estate Network

This group if for those involved or interested in Luxury Real Estate. For those that appreciate the best in life and that to live in luxury is a great way to live.

Luxury property, developments, estates, villa, mansion, condo, island, castle, home, apartment, timeshare, fractional, winery, ranch, land, village, city, town.

Investment property, rental, seasonal, lifestyle, skiing, golf, sailing, snorkeling, boating, scuba..

Investor, Seller, Buyer, Broker, Agent, Realtor, Estate Agent…

International. US, New York, California, Florida, Colorado, Washington, UK, London, China, Hong Kong, Brazil, Rio, Greece, Athens, UAE, Dubai, Europe, Spain, Italy, Germany, Russia, Sweden, Argentina, Mexico,

Very Active 459 discussions this month
51,254 members

Real Estate Investment Group

The Real Estate Investment Group are individuals interested in investing in real estate directly, either through properties or options. As a result, they like to be responsible for the equity or value of their real estate assets.

Very Active 567 discussions this month
40,755 members

Real Estate Investment Guild: Investors, Capital Raising, Fund Formation and Fund Administration

The Real Estate Investment Guild is a 40,000 member association of investment professionals and investors. Connect here to learn about real estate investor demands, trends, capital raising, real estate fund administration and real estate fund formation, and real estate investor databases.

Very Active 336 discussions this month
39,579 members

Real Estate Open Networkers – www.REMCamp.com

Real Estate Open Networkers – REMCamp.com is a networking group for anyone involved in the real estate industry in the United States and Globally. The group is for Real Estate Professionals, Mortgage Bankers, Realtors, Investors, Agents, Builders and anyone interested in networking in the real estate industry.

Very Active 123 discussions this month
34,690 members

Global Capital Sources for Conventional and Alternative REAL ESTATE Funding

Forum to network with Global or US-based commercial and residential REAL ESTATE development companies and investors seeking conventional and alternative funding sources for real estate development projects including, however, not limited to:

Venture Capital (VC)

Private Equity (PE)

Offshore Funding

Private Capital

Humanitarian Funding

Credit Enhancements

Structured Investment Vehicles

Sovereign Wealth Funds

Private Placement Programs

Collateral Enhancement Funding including Medium Term Notes, Stand-by Letters of Credit, Bank Guarantees, Bonds, CDs, Life Insurance Wraps, CMOs, MBSs

Trade Platforms with proven Traders from the US, Europe, Middle East, Asia, and South America markets

Investment Banks

Hedge Funds

Credit Facilities

Ultra High NetWorth Individuals

Institutional Investors

Asset Management Groups

Lines of Credits

Hard-Money Solutions

Gap Funding

Mezzanine Funding

Joint Venture Partnerships

Pension Funds


Top 100 of the World’s Largest Banking Partners

Any Other Conventional or Alternative Real Estate Funding Program Opportunities

This forum of global or US-based commercial and residential development companies or investors may include a myraid of real estate projects for acquisition, development and construction of Commercial, Mixed-Use, Condominiums, Multi-family, Fractionals, 3 to 6 Star-rated Hotels, Casinos, Hospitality and Resort Living, Oil and Gas, Mining of Precious Metals and Coal, Alternative Energy (Wind Energy, Solar, Bio-Fuels), Master-Planned Communities, Medical Buildings and Offices, Residential Developments, Manufacturing Facilities, Industrial Parks, Warehouses and Distribution Centers, Senior Living, Humanitarian-based projects (Hospitals, Infrastructure, Social Services, Affordable Housing, Dams, Bridges etc.), Green/LEED certified projects or any other RE project opportunities.

Very Active 1,273 discussions this month
38,324 members

Residential Real Estate Referral Group

This group was founded so REALTORS from all parts of the country could have a way to find legitimate agents in corresponding cities to refer their clients. You MUST BE AN ACTIVE REALTOR practicing REAL ESTATE.

 2 discussions this month
25,146 members

Alternative Investments: Private Equity, Hard Assets, Hedge Funds, Commodities, Timber, Real Estate

The Alternative Investment Group provides best practices, videos, audio interviews, and training on alternative …

Very Active 544 discussions this month
28,062 members

Alternative Investments: Private Equity, Hard Assets, Hedge Funds, Commodities, Timber, Real Estate

The Alternative Investment Group provides best practices, videos, audio interviews, and training on alternative investments.


Free Gift: Download an audio interview on succeeding in this industry: http://FinanceTraining.com/MP3

You can get our free report on family offices at http://FamilyOfficeReport.com

Our free private equity book can be downloaded at http://PrivateEquity.com/Book

And our hedge fund book can be downloaded at http://HedgeFundsbook.com

Our team has created some of the leading training programs on private equity and hedge funds, as well as financial analysis, investment banking, and financial modeling.

Very Active 543 discussions this month
29,020 members

The Commercial Real Estate Network

A group for commercial real estate professionals and service providers, including anyone with interest in commercial real estate.

Very Active 126 discussions this month
19,925 members

Overseas Property Investment Network for International Real Estate

For buyers, sellers, agents, developers to Discuss real estate in Australia NZ China Singapore Thailand India Malaysia Vietnam Cambodia Indonesia Germany Spain France UK Portugal Turkey Cyprus Bulgaria Italy Croatia Russia USA Canada Mexico Brazil Caribbean Dubai Morocco Ireland Asia America Europe

Very Active 390 discussions this month
18,808 members

Real Estate Owned / REO Professionals

This group provides a platform for all RE and Financial professionals sharing expertise on REO assets and every aspect of the lifecycle of bank owned properties. We welcome anyone with an interest in the field, managers, agents, brokers, field servicers, attorneys and all parties involved

Very Active 50 discussions this month
25,345 members

Commercial Real Estate Finance Investor


The commercial real estate finance group, for CMBS/CDO/ABS/TARP/TALF, debt capital markets, securization, loan syndications, note sales, property acquisitions, law, etc., including lenders, bankers, mezz/jv equity, fund managers, mortgage brokers, etc. For office, industrial, apartment, retail, etc.

Very Active 729 discussions this month
24,675 members

Facebook for Real Estate

Members OnlyFacebook For Real Estate

Very Active 52 discussions this month
20,002 members

Real Estate Extreme

This group serves to connect real estate professionals and students nationally. This group page can be used to find jobs, people, and even real property itself. Resources and links will be posted.

 3 discussions today
19,956 members

Lone Oak Fund Real Estate Business Forum

This Real Estate Forum includes all valued and under-valued real estate assets. It is a professional, sophisticated group that includes property investors, private debt, equity, hedge funds, securitization, acquisitions, mortgage brokerages, REOs, restructuring, investment banking, as well as value-added real estate transactions. The Forum is proud of all the professionals in the group and how the institutional banks, commercial banks, mortgage bankers, mortgage brokers, all the GSEs, CPAs, financial advisors, estate planners, pension funds, and money managers all complement each other in today’s Real Estate market.

Very Active 113 discussions this month
19,911 members

The Real Estate Investing Group

This group is a platform to discuss real estate investing in all of its forms. Its also a place to share opportunities with new people.

Very Active684 discussions this month
16,574 members

Distressed Real Estate and Debt

This group was created to give commercial real estate and finance professionals a place to network, discuss ideas and cutting edge practices as they relate to distressed commercial real estate assets and real estate debt. The group shall have a primary focus on the valuation, sale or purchase of distressed real estate or debt. A secondary focus will be on rehabilitation strategies and disposition of highly distressed assets and commercial REO. Whether commercial real estate or debt is your nemesis or your opportunity, this group should be a valuable resource.

Group discussions shall include all commercial product types: Retail (single and multi-tenant), Industrial (single and multi-tenant), Office (single and multi-tenant), Multi-Residential (apartments), Hotel, Mixed Use and Specialty (i.e. golf courses, amusement parks, churches etc.).

Deals posted in group discussion should be distressed commercial real estate only (distressed~60% or less of Dec 2006 value).

Very Active 136 discussions this month
13,793 members

European Real Estate Finance and Investment

[Subgroup of The Real Estate Networking Group]

For those in real estate in Europe. Including acquisitions, development, CMBS, CDO, syndication, investing, distressed deals, mortgage brokerage, lending/banking, mezzanine, JV equity, fund management. For office, retail, multifamily, land, condo, mobile home parks, industrial, storage, etc.

Very Active 106 discussions this month
11,663 members

Green Real Estate

[Subgroup of The Real Estate Networking Group]

For those interested in environmentally-friendly sustainable/green building, such as LEED certified designs, solar, wind, and other renewable energy technology. Open to those in real estate, development, investment, architecture, design, planning, construction, technology, energy, finance, law, etc.

Very Active 70 discussions this month
14,047 members

New York Real Estate Finance and Investment

[Subgroup of The Real Estate Networking Group]

For those in commercial or residential real estate in New York. Including those in distressed acquisitions or dispositions, development, investment, CMBS, CDO, syndication, mortgage brokerage, lending/banking, workouts, mezzanine, JV equity, fund management, etc.

Very Active 123 discussions this month
9,930 members

Estate Investor Education

A group for real estate investors.

Very Active 125 discussions this month
11,136 members

Real Estate Funding Sources


A resource for the Real Estate Investor community to learn more about and network with Commercial Mortgage Lenders, Hard Money Loan Originators, Mortgage Brokers, Mortgage Bankers, Commercial Lenders, Hard Money Lenders, Fund Managers, Hedge Funds, Bridge Lenders, Private Money Investors, Venture Capitalists, and other creative financing professionals in the space.

Very Active 195 discussions this month
10,987 members

Wholesalers Network (Real Estate)

Wholesale deals and opportunities for exposure and networking with real estate Wholesalers, Banks, Title Companies, Lenders …

Very Active 233 discussions this month
10,817 members

Real Estate Global Network

Our virtual community we are trying to build, reflects the joint effort of all the Real Estate related industry workers, such as:

Commercial and Residential Real Estate Agents.

Loan Officers, Lenders and Mortgage Companies.

Home Stagers, Architects, Designers and Builder-Contractors

Appraisers, Notaries, Insurance Broker or Agents

Virtual Assistants and Real Estate Trainers

We are all in the same industry, and we can mutually benefit from cross referrals, shared expertise, and increased web traffic.

Very Active 102 discussions this month
6,988 members

Commercial Real Estate Financing Group (CRE Finance)

For real estate professionals, developers, owners, brokers in the business of commercial real estate finance and investment field.

Active 20 discussions this month
6,793 members

International Real Estate Sales and Marketing

To promote cooperation among all groups in the promotion and sales of International Real Estate with a focus on Vacation/Resort Properties, Second Homes and Retirement Homes.

Very Active 116 discussions this month
7,318 members

International Real Estate Investor Society

Society for international real estate investors to network US China Europe Latin America Asia Middle East Brazil India …

Very Active 88 discussions this month
5,985 members

Bisnow Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate News and Networking Event Discounts

Very Active84 discussions this month
6,803 members

Technology for Commercial Real Estate

A resource for commercial real estate professionals to share ideas and strategies for using technology.

Active 31 discussions this month
5,754 members

Real Estate Investing Entrepreneurs

This is for entrepreneurs who would like to invest in real estate and be part of a real estate group.

Very Active 84 discussions this month
6,500 members

Foreign investors international seeking real estate

This group is the world leading club for investors from all over the world. foreign Investors are seeking to invest in real-estate in the U.S.A ,the U.K.,Europe, Eastern Europe, India, and China. . The club and owners of capital has become the most exclusive group for real-estate

Particularly due to the raising number of millionaires , the group is witnessing an upsurge in international investors and private investors who are purchasing properties and investing in overseas projects.

Capital owners in the world’s top tenth percentile and investors seeking real estate and business opportunities.They are looking to purchase from developers, realtors,brokers, brokerage companies and private clients,particularly in the U.S.A bulk packjes at bank ownd. Buying Distressed Assets, Foreclosedandwholesales,,REO’S-BPO’S,NPN,short sales,commercial Properties,multi- family,mixed used, residential.opportunities with high coc returnes , luxury homes, Lots, Hotels/Hospitality. Take note! In China, India, and Eastern Europe, investors are very interested in mega projects with government approved projects as well as hi-tech centers, business centers, and vast areas comprising thousands of meters for residential building,we have access to lending institutions and investment funds , private equity. Finiancing and Capital Sources ,institutional investers,investment bankers, hedge funds. If you have a project or you are in possession of any type of real-estate for investment .we would be very happy if you were to join our network .

Very Active 164 discussions this month
6,266 members

Real Estate Lead Generation Secrets 

Real estate lead generation secrets is dedicated to providing realtors, real estate agents, real estate investors and mortgage professionals with the best tips, tricks and secrets of generating more leads for your business! We’ll be sharing all our best lead generation strategies including online, offline, email marketing and so much more.

Very Active 58 discussions this month

6,115 members

International Real Estate Investors Group

This is an international Real Estate Investors Group integrated for all real estate professional around the world: INVESTORS, BANKERS, LAND OWNER, CONSTRUCTOR, BROKERS and DEVELOPERS. In Today’s Marker a Land Owner in Costa Rica use a developer in USA, Constructor in Mexico and a Financial in Dubai.

Active 24 discussions this month
5,000 members

China Real Estate

A network for all individuals involved in various aspects of the Chinese real estate industry to get in touch and share …

Active 22 discussions this month
4,897 members

World Global Real Estate and Construction Network

World Global Real Estate and Construction Network shares the top news, discussions on real estate and construction …

Active 40 discussions this month
5,213 members

BIGDEAL – The Real Estate Investment Deal Board

This group is for posting United States real estate investment deals only. This board is for posting investment properties for sale, locating equity partners, etc.

Very Active67 discussions this month
5,175 members

Real Estate Investment In Australia

Investing in Property/Real Estate in Australia. Are You: Buying Property, Finance, Expat and Overseas, First Home Buyers, Investment …

Very Active94 discussions this month
4,762 members

Acquisition, Development, and Construction Funding for Residential Real Estate

[Subgroup of Global Capital Sources for Conventional and Alternative REAL…]

This Subgroup brings together direct residential real estate development funding sources who capitalize the acquisition, development, and construction of real estate developers, builders and/or investors for single-family residential subdivisions and “for sale or for lease” multifamily housing (condominiums, townhomes, and apartments) projects.

Very Active142 discussions this month
4,608 members

Bulk Real Estate Investments

This is an investment real estate networking site. We welcome builders, developers, investors, investment clubs/groups, real

Active 37 discussions this month
3,930 members

Real Estate Investing For Beginners

Real Estate Investing For Beginners is a linkedin.com group that shares knowledge about real estate investing in the USA.

Very Active 202 discussions this month
4,575 members

Investing In Real Estate

Created for investors, real estate investors, builders, buyers, sellers and anyone connected to real estate.

Very Active 456 discussions this month
4,438 mem

Commercial Real Estate Finance Professionals

A network for current and former professionals working in commercial real estate finance all across the world.

Active 39 discussions this month
4,418 members


The purpose of this group is to bring people in the real estate industry together. Whether you are an investor, appraiser…

Active 45 discussions this month
4,364 members


Chance to network with fellow professionals in Canada’s mortgage and real estate industries.

Very Active 118 discussions this month
4,088 members

All About Real Estate

We are here to discuss every aspect about real estate from buying, selling, investing, lending, real estate photography, …

Very Active 111 discussions this month
3,909 members

 Estate Investment International

This group got its start in Japan and focuses on real estate investment and related topics internationally.

Active 22 discussions this month
3,746 members

International Real Estate Idea and Referral Exchange

Members OnlyThe largest group of RE/MAX (REMAX) Realtors, Team Leaders, Brokers and Executives: exchanging ideas, tips, networking …

 5 discussions this month
5,169 members

Distressed Real Estate Investor’s Association

The Distressed Real Estate Investor’s Association is for all levels of real estate investors that are interested in …

Very Active 131 discussions this month
3,647 members


REAL ESTATE SUCCESS is a group that was created for one reason: To help you sell real estate.

Very Active 123 discussions this month
3,434 members

The Global Network for Real Estate

The Global Network for Real Estate 

Very Active 82 discussions this week
3,282 members

Industrial Real Estate Forum

Forum for professionals engaged in the investment, development, and management of industrial real estate.

Active 31 discussions this month
3,160 members

Social Media for Real Estate

A group dedicated to bringing together real estate professionals who believe in the power of social media as a tool to …

Active 43 discussions this month
2,667 members

The Real Estate Finance Website

The Real Estate Finance Website is a site for anyone in real estate. Get the funding you need for your next purchase right…

Very Active 63 discussions this month

2,991 members


Raising Private Funds for Commercial Real Estate Investment

Members OnlyWhether you invest in real estate or are seeking funds from others so you can invest in real estate, this group can assist…

Very Active 234 discussions this month
2,869 members

Real Estate Business magazine

Real Estate Business is a leading news portal, monthly magazine and weekly broadcast for real estate professionals in …

 545 discussions
2,850 members

REN – Real Estate Network

The Real Estate Network

 2 discussions today
2,775 members

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